WhatsApp introduces Voice Messaging feature for Users

Thursday, 8 August 2013 by

WhatsApp Logo
Popular messaging app WhatsApp has officially updated its mobile apps with support for one-press voice messaging for users across platforms that will allow users to send recorded messages to their contacts similar as WeChat, LINE and Hike. The new feature, activated by holding down the microphone icon next to the text input area and you can press and record your voice message and send it. Once you release the icon, the voice message will automatically be sent to the recipient. To cancel a recording, just slide your hand across the microphone icon and it will be cancelled.

A a company spokesperson told CNET ,"Today, we're proud to announce that WhatsApp has surpassed 300 million monthly active users worldwide, a milestone on the road to WhatsApp becoming the communication network of the 21st century."

WhatsApp is currently available on including iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and  Windows Phone 8 devices. Interestingly there seems to be no time limit on the length of the audio recording.

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